Remedial Vedic Astrological Gemstones and Jewelry ●'s Niranjan Mehta comes from a business oriented family of 16 generations with expertise in Vedic gemstones and advisory to maharajas.

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We are the only gemstone service that provides a 90 days money back guarantee. Why? We know our recommended gemstones work.

How can this piece of rock help me?

Firstly, any gemstones purchased from will be accompanied with a money back guarantee not for 1 week, or 1 month but an unheard of 90 dayss. So relax, you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

 As to how a piece of rock can help you…

Technically, a book is made up on pieces of paper. However, the pieces of paper that hold valuable knowledge transform the book into an invaluable commodity. Take a scalpel as another example. In essence, a scalpel is simply a piece of metal, but with a doctor’s knowledge of how to save lives with it, transforms it into yet another invaluable commodity. Similarly, the gemstones I provide are not simply pieces of rock, but invaluable resources of power, peace, and progress. Furthermore, our prescription process is unique for it is not solely based on your date of birth. If it were to be, then 1 out of 12 people in the world's 6 billion populous would be exactly like you! Of course, we know this is not true. Instead, our prescription process takes into account your date, time AND place of birth. For example, former President Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas at 8:10am. Thus, President Clinton should wear diamond, emerald, and blue sapphire. If President Clinton had been born in London, then he should wear ruby and yellow sapphire. This change is a result of the changes in alignment of the ascendant due to the latitude and longitude. You can see that we are not your average birthstone service. Our Vedic knowledge enables us to provide you with accurate and life enhancing gemstones.

Clinton's Chart calculated for Hope, Arkansas

Clinton's Chart calculated for London, UK


Why should I buy the gemstones from you?  

 Do you go to the restaurant with your own oil and spices?

Do you try to fill your prescription at home, rather than at a trusted pharmacist?

Do you ask a famous musician to play on one of your instruments?

 Most people will agree and say “No” to the questions above. As a musician performs best by playing on his own guitar or drums, or as a chef knows the qualities of the vegetables he purchases, or as a pharmacist knows his field of medicine best, I know my field of prescribing Vedic gemstones best. My empirical knowledge for the past 30 years and family history in Vedic gemstones allows me to prescribe Vedic gemstones with great confidence. This confidence is blatantly displayed through our unique 90 days money back guarantee on gemstones purchased from us.

 This unique guarantee is provided simply because I know the inherent characteristics of the gemstones I provide. You may prefer to wear gemstones that have been in your family for years, or the gift given to by a loved one, or one where you found the price to be more comfortable. However, ask yourself, whether those gemstones are sold by someone who has 30 years of experience, a rich family history in Vedic gemstone science, and credentials from the world renowned Gemological Institute of America.

 Another reason I highly recommend purchasing gemstones from, is that I know the history and potential of the gemstones that I provide. This cannot be easily determined with the gemstones that have been in your family for years or given as gift. They could have been treated or the cut of the stone may be unsuitable. Furthermore, the gemstone size required changes based on your influence of planets in your horoscope. Also, the size of the gemstone depends on your weight, just as the strength of the prescription does. These changes can be implemented through our very facile process of exchanging gemstones as the circumstances dictate. You do not have to buy another of the same kind. Moreover, the gemstones we sell are not focused on the appearance value. Rather they are based on their cosmic reception. Take one plastic and polished apple and one real, but not-so-polished apple for example. The plastic apple will appear gorgeous and juicy, but in reality has no substance. Whereas, the real apple, will not appear as lustrous, but will have the essential nutrients and provide adequate satisfaction.


The Process

The process of purchasing Vedic gemstones is as easy as buying a bottle of milk:

1. After providing your date, place, and time of birth, you will receive a prescription from me.

2. Upon receipt of this prescription, you shall phone me for the next steps.

3. I will send a few pictures of the items I recommend with the price via email. You can then decide which item you like and together we will establish a down payment.

4. We will send you the final contract in writing and mail the gemstones to you.

5. I will phone you after 15 days of your first wearing the gemstones to gage your progress.

6. After four months, we can analyze the effects of the gemstones. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can begin paying the balance based on monthly installments. If you are not happy with the results, we will credit your account right away.

7. Even after two or three years, for example, you wish to return the gemstones; we will credit your account (minus nominal labor charges).

The benefits of the Vedic gemstones are too great to pass by. You will achieve greater peace of mind and will definitely notice the difference in your day to day activities. Furthermore, these gemstone assets will stay in your family from generation to generation. With our unique payment and refund policy, you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. If you can spend on temporary commodities such as $40 for parking in a city like San Francisco, or $800 a year for cable TV and Internet access, or $50 at a hair salon, or $100 at a nice restaurant for two, then why not spend on something that will give you a lifetime of joy, encouragement, and peace?


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