Remedial Vedic Astrological Gemstones and Jewelry ●'s Niranjan Mehta comes from a business oriented family of 16 generations with expertise in Vedic gemstones and advisory to maharajas.

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We are the only gemstone service that provides a 90 days money back guarantee. Why? We know our recommended gemstones work.

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1 Sun Ruby Garnet, star Ruby, red Spinal, red zircon. red tourmaline
2 Moon Real Pearl Cultured Pearl, Moon Stone,
3 Mars Coral carnelian, orange jasper
4 Mercury Emerald Aquamarine ,Green Onyx, Peridot,green Zircon, green tourmaline
5 Yellow Sapphire Jupitar yellow tourmaline, topaz, yellow citrine
6 Diamond Venus white sapphire, white zircon,white tourmaline
7 Blue Sapphire Saturn amethyst,blue tourmaline,blue spinel,lapis lazuli,
8 Cats-eye Ketu cats eye
9 Hesonite Rahu hessonite


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