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" Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande"  - You are a Universe within the Universe

This is a Sanskrit verse that was written 8,000 years ago. The expanded translation states, "Whatever is inside you is outside you. Whatever is outside you is within you." This means that the air, water, fire, earth, and cosmic energy outside you is within you. No scientist, atheist, or cynic will deny that he is made out of 75% water, he needs air every second, he needs to maintain a body temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit, and he needs food from the Earth to survive. This food comes from the upper layer of the Earth. If we go further down into the Earth, you will find the roots which help us to survive. If we go down further into the Earth, then we discover the minerals which we need to survive. The most essential element of the above mentioned breakdown of the Earth is the concentrated form of energy or as is known by Vedic science, the essence of Earth...or gemstones.

The right proportions of food, air, water, and heat give us life and energy. Similarly, the right gemstones will provide a harmonious and more improved life. You may say that you don't eat gemstones but you do eat food. Gemstones work the same way that lightening effects you, or how the Sun ray's give you Vitamin D, or how the sound of soothing music relaxes you. The aroma of onions will make you cry even though you don't touch them. Gemstone energy works on your mind. When the mind is balanced, you will make less mistakes and you will have more time, money, and energy to construct a better future.

You may still argue as to how a piece of rock will help you. Take for example a knife made out of iron. However, when the doctor uses the knife with the right knowledge, that piece of iron becomes a life saving tool. Vedic Astrological Science is based on the physics of Nature and the chemistry of the Earth. Combining the five basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Cosmic Energy, you conclude at Vedic astrological gemstones. The more you harmonize with these energies, the better conductivity of success will develop within you and around you. Nature provides these elements, without which you cannot exist. Therefore Nature controls your every second. Furthermore, Nature inspires the mind, which in turn influences the body to act positively or negatively according to the harmony of cosmic energy and environment. Remember, we generate the right prescription based upon your own very unique birth place, date, and time of birth.

Nature will not come knocking on your door to help you. You must take advantage of this light and put it to work for a better future.

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