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By wearing properly prescribed gemstones under proper supervision, you can benefit from the natural healing characteristics of Vedic astrological gemstones. We do not recommend these Vedic astrological gemstones to be applied in lieu of necessary medical attention. By no means is this information a self-help panacea. However, we do recommend the application of Vedic astrological gemstones in efforts to reduce discomfort in a natural and time-demanding situation. One must remember that we are not qualified medical experts. However, we have empirical evidence that utilizes the examination of your horoscope and family background for a prescription. Our 'dosages' are monitored and are based on the size and type of gemstones.

The ancient scientific scriptures consistently mention the relationship between color, planets, and gemstones. With the almost sacred color stratification, ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), we see the correlation perfectly. The cosmic rays that manifest themselves in various wavelengths (colors) have unique affects on the health of our mind and body. The purest of the ROYGBIV rays resides concentrated in precious gems, and so, the gems are of great curative value.

Cosmic ray effects on gemstones


1. Ruby: It acts as an antenna towards red cosmic rays. The ruby is ruled by our Sun. It can help cure leprosy, ulcers, fevers, hear and bone troubles. It warns people from many dangers. It increases dignity, respect, honor, and ensures a high status in life.

2. Pearl: It acts as an antenna towards orange cosmic rays. It is a cold gem which is ruled by the Moon. It is helpful for persons who suffer from eye troubles, tuberculosis, hysteria, constipation, and cardiac trouble. For the enhancement of mental peace and recollection of memory, pearl is a suitable gem to utilize. It increases the emotional activity of human being. It succeeds in engaging love, attracts affection and promises a conjugal bliss.

3. Coral: It attracts yellow cosmic rays. It is hot and is ruled by Mars. It helps to cure diabetes mellitus, emphysema, impotency, jaundice and skin diseases. It protects against adverse situations. It helps the ladies get married. Yellow sapphires are good gems for women to maintain marital bliss and protect them from widowhoods. It helps maintain solid friendships and governs reasoning systems.

4. Emerald: It attracts green cosmic rays. It is cold and is ruled by Mercury. It helps maintain friendships with your marriage partner and business partner. It also governs reasoning systems, abdomen, eyes, nose, nervous system, debility, blood pressure, and ulcer. It offers all round success and achievement in life

5. Yellow Sapphire: It invites blue cosmic rays. It is a cold gemstone and is ruled by Jupiter. It helps to maintain sound health and success in life. It helps to cure cholera, throat troubles, abdominal complications, jaundice, hysteria, and strengthens life.

6. Diamond: It possess indigo blue cosmic rays. It is a cold gemstones and is ruled by Venus. It empowers persons to attraction. It promotes good understanding. It cures sexual disorders, delirium, diabetes, melitus, paralysis, and syphilis. It increases intellect and ensures the luxuries of life.

7. Blue Sapphire: It attracts violet cosmic rays. It is a cold gem and is ruled by Saturn. Blue sapphires play a positive role in curing paralysis, nervous disorders, mental maladies, weakness, kidney, and abdominal troubles. Utilization of blue sapphires improves one's life. It invites name, reputation, wealth, longevity, and stamina.

8. Gomed: It attract ultraviolet cosmic rays and is ruled by the Dragon's head or Rahu. It is a cold gem. It helps protect against obstacles, lessens worries, tension and ill health. It increases appetite and helps women during child birth. It also aids in easing marital problems. All-round success is achieved.

9. Cat's eye: It attracts infrared cosmic rays. It is rule by the Dragon's tail and is a hot gemstone. It helps to protect against the bites of insects and snakes. It cures persons suffering from skin trouble, cholera, and cancer. It is a ruled by a Tantric planet and can help achieve wealth and provide strength against enemies.

More color and elementary relevance

The five Mahabhutas or Great Elements-

The five great elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. They are associated with cosmic colors : blue rays with ether, violet with air, red and yellow with fire, orange and indigo with water and green with earth.

The five Tanmatras-The five Tanmatras and hence their respective organs have their links with the cosmic rays :

Smell (nose) with green, touch (skin) with violet, taste (tongue) with orange, sight (eyes) with red, and sound (ears) with blue.

The Tridosba- The color associations with Tridosha are:

Blue and violet with vayu, red and yellow with pitta, and indigo and green with kapha. These three are respectively the forces of harmony, energy and inertia residing inherently in every living cell of the human as well as other bodies. Indigo and green are positive forces, red and yellow are negative, and blue and violet  are neutral.

In fact, every creation is of the ROYGBIV rays and is enveloped by them. There is not a pin point of space in the Universe which is not occupied by these powerful rays. These rays are continuously and constantly surrounding every creation every moment of time throughout its existence.

Human Earth-Sphere
Integumentary Cosmos-
Muscle/Skeleton Geo-
Circulatory Hydro-
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Nervous Anthropo-


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