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We are the only gemstone service that provides a 90 days money back guarantee. Why? We know our recommended gemstones work.

This is what our clients have to say:


"I find Nick not only accurate but caring and loving in his readings. He has helped me for many years and all his powerful predictions are not only true but to the minute! I have come to love him and trust him completely. People are lucky if they find him." Felisha Ferguson: owner of the world renowned Lumina Art Gallery, Taos, New Mexico.

"I was amazed at your accurate & quick reading, many famous astrologers had given me inaccurate reading, your reading restored my faith only in Vedic Astrology."
Stephanie Burton - Hollywood song writer    

"At some moment, someone or something comes along which significantly changes and improves your life forever. One such moment for me was finding Niranjan and Vedic Astrology. Upon speaking with Niranjan, I was happy to know that I could smooth out the upcoming rough times with prior knowledge and planning by wearing the proper gemstones for my astrological stance. The stones are personally chosen by Niranjan and the jewelry is prepared in the most rigorous of manners so as to assure the utmost benefit to the wearer. I might add that I have received many compliments on the beauty of the jewelry. Since wearing the gemstones I have had many positive changes in my life, - I am happier, lucky, more positive, have more self-confidence and am amazed at how wonderful life can be. Consider yourself lucky to have found Niranjan - your life will never be the same again." - Nancy Corrigan, (a.k.a.) - Manhattan, NYC

"I have been with Niranjan Mehta's Vedic program for the last three years. My life has totally changed. At first the changes were subtle and went unnoticed, but now that I look back on them, I see a great difference. My income has gone up from $300.00 a week to $ 1100.00 a week. I am much happier & a more content person. Everything around me makes sense and I see things in a clear manner. I am no longer tormented as I used to be! For me your prescribed gemstones work wonders." - Sally Eller, Boston, MA

"I found Nick while browsing the web. I was a bit nervous about picking an astrologer from an ocean of web sites...but the phone call made the difference! Nick brought me to ease with his easy going and down to earth humor. I became calm. He is a true man of astrology. His insight is fresh and real life! No frills. And uncanningly accurate. By the time I got off the phone, I was sure that I had not picked just any ole astrologer-I chose Nick!" LL-holistic physician and writer, Washington D.C.

"Nick's knowledge about Vastu helped me immensely. He provided excellent and unparallel service and advice which helped improve my business like no one could ever imagine. I recommend his services!" Mr. Kawasky (a.k.a)- A Prominent Master Jeweler in Burlingame, California

"Looking back and comparing dates that you have given me with actual events, I find the accuracy of your predictions is amazing. Moreover, I appreciate the wisdom in the advice you give to help make "the road" a little easier. You have helped me to be cautious when I might not have, and it really helped. I also enjoy your humor and talking with you." - Sheala Browning - Owner of Browning Publications in Atlanta

"Nick Mehta is a truly remarkable person who has a special talent interpreting your astrological chart. For the past 6-7 years, Mr. Mehta has predicted major changes in my life. I have prospered from his guidance and so will you." -
Ann Thompson (a.k.a.) - Prominent Lawyer in Northern California

"Nick has helped me to understand the forces of nature affecting my life so that I could cooperate with natural order and achieve everything I have ever desired. I recommend him highly and my confidence in him is so great that my mother has also sought his advice." -
Lou Ann Perry - Senior Officer of Air Traffic Control, Northern U.S.A.

"I was immediately impressed with your honesty, accuracy and skill in predictions. The predictions that you made about me have come out right on target. Your prescribed gemstones worked wonders on my family. I had a marriage problem (we tried all types of help, but without any success) but your gemstones helped and my marriage is at its best. My income has gone up significantly. Soon you will see me asking for help for my sister and other family members. -
Shailabana Khan (a.k.a)

"I have been exposed to your work for the past 4 years. You are amazing! I am very thankful that I have the ability to use your Vedic Knowledge. I will recommend you highly to all of my family and friends!" -
T.C.M. - Executive of a Multi-National Company, New York

"My experience with your work had been nothing short of amazing with your ability to pinpoint the stressful areas of my life and help me to reach a solution. Thank you for your support and guidance." -
Jay Wright - American Airlines Flight Attendant

"Nick's observations are timely and helpful, given in a warm and caring manner. He knew why I called, on the basis of my birth data alone. His advice has helped me a great deal."
- Heather Hanan - Food Nutritionist in San Rafael, California

"Nick is one of my most favorite persons; a great cosmic counselor and guide! His information is always interesting, enlightening, encouraging and accurate, with a wry sense of humor mixed in. I trust him and Vedic astrology completely." -Garcia Berrocal - Business Owner in Brooksfield, Maine

"Speaking with Mr. Mehta especially during the difficult times has truly been helpful. His advice which comes to me as insight, has always given me a perspective I was unable to see. This information enabled me to come to my own understanding and with that understanding I have been able to regain my confidence, feel at peace and truly cope during extremely trying periods. He has always been honest with me and I consider Mr. Mehta a true friend." -Maggie-CEO in a Manufacturing Plant-New Jersey

If all these people have benefited from Nick's Vedic Knowledge, WHY NOT YOU?

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