Remedial Vedic Astrological Gemstones and Jewelry ●'s Niranjan Mehta comes from a business oriented family of 16 generations with expertise in Vedic gemstones and advisory to maharajas.

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We are the only gemstone service that provides a 90 days money back guarantee. Why? We know our recommended gemstones work.

"Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande"- You are a Universe within the Universe

(You are nature. Use Nature's own properties to balance yourself.)

It is law of Nature in which if something were to help you then there is something that will hurt you. One spoon of sugar can boost an average person's energy and that one spoon can be damaging to a person with diabetes. Therefore, if you wear the wrong gemstones prescribed by an unqualified person, it can be harmful to you and you, as wearer, would never notice that the wrong gemstone is hurting you. You may blame your boss, your spouse or your luck but the problem could be on your finger.

When you are preparing to buy expensive jewelry or give a gift to a loved one, give yourself a few moments to think about the effects. Make a special and precious occasion such as marriage. engagement. Christmas, or birthday more fulfilling and eternal by knowing that your gift of a Vedic astrological gemstone will truly better someone's life. This highly customized jewelry will create a new dynamic energy with an immense sense of security and provide a constant umbrella from Nature to the wearer of Vedic jewelry. Well matched gemstones can create financial success, happy mar­riage, romance, and love, success in education, career, and sports; enhance rejuvenation and general well being. Also it is very useful in improving health problems such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, hyperten­sion sinus, cold, cough, liver problems, neurological disorders, infertility, and paralysis.

Now is a golden opportunity to take advantage of this sacred knowledge through Vedic astrological gemstone specialist Niranjan Mehta of California. Mr. Mehta's family has had intimate connections with rulers for 15 generations (visit & for more information).

English Equivalents of Indian Planets Nakshatra or  constellation

Sanskrit/Indian                                      English

1. Asvani                                        Beta Arietis

2. , Bharni                                       Bsarietis

3. Kratika                                       Eta Tauri

4. Rohini                                        Aldearan

5. Mrigseera                                  Lambdaorionis

6. Adra                                              Alpha Orionis

7. Punarvasu                                  Beta Geminorum

8. Pusya                                           Delta Cancri

9.. Aslesha                                       Alpha Hydroc

10. Magha                                         Regulus

11. Purva Falguni                             Deltalconis

12. Uttra Frlguni                              Betalconis

13. Hasta                                          Delta Corvi

14. Chitra                                          Spica Dirgins

15. Swatee                                         Arcturus

16. Vishakha                                     Alpha Libroe

17. Anuradha                                    Delta Scropii

18. Jeystha                                        Antares

19. Moo1                                           Lambda Scorpii

20. Purva Ashara                              Delta Sagittari

21. Uttra. Ashara                               Sigma

22. Sirvan                                          Alpha Aquiloc

23. Dhanistha                                   Beta Delphinum

24. Satbhisa                                       Lambda Aquarius

25. Purva Bhadrapada                     Alpha Pegasi

26.  Uttra Bhadrapada                         Gama

27. Rewati                                         Zeta Piscius

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